Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wedding

The decorations are taken down. All the dishes are washed, the leftover food packaged and stored. The dress is hung in the closet under the protection of plastic to likely never be worn again. My shins are issuing tortured screams of abuse. There's still a lot of hubbub about things--where to put everything, having some family in town--but I'm wondering how I'll feel when it's all over. Mama talks about a "let-down", or the after-event-post-high-of-planning-and-pulling-off-something-amazing crash.

I'm not going to lie. I am THRILLED to have this wedding over. It's completely consumed all of our lives for the last five months. It will be so nice to quit talking about the never-ending "to-do-list" for the wedding. However, words cannot begin to describe the incalculable loss I will feel in the absence of my baby sister. She has been my friend, my companion, my stylist, my hair dresser, and camp-out buddy. Without her I don't know that I ever would have been able to survive coming home. I am so excited for her to start this new adventure, this new leg in her journey. I also cannot fathom what my life is going to be like without seeing her every day.

Fortunately, I adore her husband and think he is an absolutely fabulous match for her. May the Lord bless them with all they need and provide me the strength to move forward as well.