Sunday, June 5, 2011

Definitely Not

It has seemed, of late, that there is a strange flux of Mormon women who suddenly find their lives blog-worthy upon getting married. Then every detail must be recorded in minute detail because their lives have now begun and are deserving of being preserved in the annals of electronic history forever.

That's definitely not me. First, I've been blogging for over six years. Second, we've been married three weeks and just now am I getting around to posting.

Yes, the wedding was wonderful. Yes, everything went perfectly. Yes, we are happy. Other than that it's just waiting to get to Korea.

I imagine this transition has been much easier on me than Adam. Primarily because we are camping in my parents' basement until we leave, so I am still very much in my comfort zone. Adam is an easy keeper, but I can't believe this has been the best transition for him. We are both hoping to get to Korea as soon as possible so we can really start our life together on our own (sounds wrong--the together/on our own--but it makes sense).

I'm working until we go, and I've been trying to get as many hours as I can. Last week I ended with over 35 (I usually average 20-25), and next week I'm already looking at more than that. I feel part bad leaving Adam home alone all the time, until I realise that's what he's been used to for the last nearly 15 years and is probably perfectly fine with it.

It's funny how it feels like right now we're married with a safety net. We still pay bills and have responsibilities, but the full weight of adulthood is not yet upon us. I have no reservations about doing it with him. He's great. When I want to escalate a situation he remains calm. In the moment it's infuriating, but it's what I need. He's wonderful for balancing me out that way.

In other non-gushy news, I've been fighting with a nasty cold/flu/infection since before school ended. I'm now on a round of antibiotics/steroids that seems to be helping. Last week my tonsils were swollen to the point of restricting my breathing. When they rate the size of tonsils it's done on a four point scale. Mine were a four plus. We're really praying for this treatment to work because I have to be well to go to Korea. So far, things are looking up.

And we are doing our best to look up, too.