Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emerging Adulthood

I've been playing phone tag with my older sister over the last few days. We are dying to hash out all the details of my emerging relationship. We're women, it's what we do.

The other day she tried calling me, but I was working, so I returned her call later. My six-year-old niece answered. After she figured out it was me, she talked a little more, and I left the message to tell her mom I tried to call. Before I could hang up she said,

"Wait, wait. How's your dating going with your friend?" That's right, that's how big this news is in my family--the six-year-old is concerned with what's happening.

Upon relating this story to my sister she laughed, and told me that when her mother-in-law came in my niece announced, "Grandma, did you know that Chelsea is getting dated?"

That's right world. Chelsea is getting dated. And she's getting dated good.