Monday, March 16, 2009

Week in a Blur

Time sure flies when you don't have anything to do. Only two more days and I become the "responsible adult" with employment and all that jazz, but this last week was a pretty good final week of freedom.

Thursday Jamie and I drove to the Draper Temple open house, and it was really pretty. This rude family in front of us talked the whole time, and kept opening random doors they had no business opening. Uncool. But, on the super-duper plus side we went to dinner with our favorite Auntie, and Mel--one of my favorite mission companions--came, too! It was great to see her. Not only that, but J and I had a really good conversation on the way home.

In celebration of Friday the 13 I went to dinner with some friends at the Lucky Buffet (where I tried octopus; Paul aptly described the sensation like chewing up a bouncy ball, but the flavor was actually very good), then we watched Quarantine (LAME!) and Dark Knight (EXCELLENT!).

Sunday morning Jamie woke up early and drove with me to Vegas for Zanie's homecoming (MTC companion). It was fun to see her and meet some of her family. It was only mildly awkward that my face was plastered all over their gargantuan refrigerator...Then last night I hung out with some RM/Pre-Mi friends and we watched Nicholas Nickleby and I fell in love. It makes me want to read Dickens' book to get the rest of the story they couldn't put in the movie.

And now, now I get to help in my mom's kindergarten classroom while she does registration for the new little chitlins. it's all very exciting indeed.


  1. Sounds like a regular old vida loca...which is exactly the way it should be. Can't wait to hear how the job goes. We'll be thinking of you! Good luck!