Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Bachelor Degree Part II

The day most people graduate with their degree from college is a happy day. They've survived. Time to enter the workforce. Time to quit being an economical suck and start getting their's.

The day I graduated was not a very good one. I remember it well. A darker spot in my not-so-recent-past. But never did I ever think I'd be going back. To school, yes. I've always been interested in graduate work. But for a second bachelor's degree? No way, no how.

Alas, here I am. Reapplied to SUU for a Bachelor of Arts in English: Teaching Emphasis. What I really wonder is if I'll be as good of a student as I was the first time around. I wasn't amazing by any means, but I fear I'll come off as jaded from having done this before. Humility. It's the new staple of my diet.

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  1. Let me know how the diet goes. I think you'll be great. Oh, and I love you.