Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just an Idea

My friend Loni has been harassing me since January to move out with her. I very consistently and plainly told her no.

She is very persistent.

I am a person of very strong will, and won't do anything I don't want to. Loni is now my roommate. That's right. 26 (almost) years later and I finally moved out of my parents' basement. Go me! And all it took was six months of much-needed pestering. As part of my graduation into independent-ish adulthood I decided to refinish my childhood dresser (that story and pictures to come). It was a really fun project!

Now all the boxes have been packed, unpacked, and I've settled in. New apartment here I come.

Random errant thought: I keep noticing the "Monetize" tab on here, and tonight--part out of boredom, part out of the scary future of having bills to pay--I checked it out. It doesn't sound too terribly shabby. Then I reread some of my older posts. I can't pimp my writing out like that. It just doesn't feel right.

That's all.

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