Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank You, David Cassidy

My relationship with Adam is unconventional. We don't do things "normal" because, well, we're not normal. The part I love most is that we share pretty much whatever we're thinking. We also relate a lot through music, and at times will message in song lyrics.

Geeky? Yes. But so are we.

Tonight we had watched a few more episodes of Firefly and were just being cozy, not needing to talk when he says,

"Of all things, I've had this David Cassidy song in my head all afternoon."

"Which song?" I ask.

He gave me a little kiss in between telling me each word. It went kind of like this...

"It *kiss* goes *kiss* like *kiss* this *kiss* 'I *kiss* think *kiss* I *kiss* love *kiss* you *kiss*...'"

Being the sentimental fool I am, I immediately responded, "You think, huh?" 

He replied, "No, I'm more sure than that."

Yeah, he's presh. I'm thinking of keeping him.


  1. I'm so happy for you, sis! BTW, your project on your aunt was awesome. Heartbreaking, but awesome.
    - Kat

  2. Awww, that's so swee....wait. Wait wait WAIT! I'm not normal? Why did nobody ever tell me?!?!

  3. WA-freaking-HOOOO!!!!! This is awesome.

  4. Happy Birthday big sister!! :)

  5. That picture looks nothing like you! And since when was I not on your interests list?