Thursday, July 28, 2011


It seems that the drippings of things are where all the really good-tasting, bad-for-you parts reside. And since everything here is dripping these days, I guess it's all pretty much good stuff.

Some videos to illustrate the past few days...

Video 1: The Rain
After a week of dry skies we thought we were clear of the bad weather. Apparently we were sorely mistaken. We were assigned dinner duty the other night (our job to usher the students down to their hotels rather than let them wander the village, as you see two boys doing near the end--so don't mind me yelling at the very end...)

Video 2: MORE RAIN

At first the rain was all pretty and neat. Then it became the bane of our existance. Adam suffered the loss of a third umbrella in so many weeks thanks to the stiff winds that drove the rain in sheets and utterly soaked everything. You know the part of "Forrest Gump" where he says that the rain comes from all directions, even up? That's how I felt yesterday. In spite of a rain jacket and umbrella I was still wet (I'm sure you can imagine that poor Adam was soaked through and through). Here is more footage of the waterfall stairs and pooling of the rain (the area where this was shot is now dried out).

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  1. UNbelievable! You've talked about the rain, but I never imagined anything like what you're experiencing. We need to find Adam a heavy-duty super-powered umbrella!