Saturday, July 23, 2011

An Experiment...

Adam and I decided to venture out on our own today. After two weeks of research we thought we'd finally discover where we were supposed to go to church. The following videos document our adventures today...

Video 1: Johnny Rocket's (a place you can find in the states that has legitimate "American" fare even in Korea)

Video 2: Our attempts to figure out mass transit from Paju to Geumchon

Video 3: After a few streets too far, and turning prematurely Adam spied the spire in the distance.

Video 4: Our new near-by market offers grocery delivery...

I'll work on retro-posting the other videos I have taken thus far (for those of you in the know they are already on my Facebook cause they take about 10 times longer to get them on here).


  1. Yay for videos! And yay for spying the steeple (here is the church house, here is the steeple...) Can't wait to hear about church. And I think I should get me one of those grocery delivery riggs. I could haul kids and get good gas mileage!

  2. The best part about the delivery van (Adam's observation) is that it's the size of a compact car, but it's a van. That's how they roll here in Korea :)

    I need to write about church. I almost cried journaling about it. It was that good.