Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Good Night's Sleep

The past few days (Adam might argue past seven weeks...I think) it's been difficult to get a good night's sleep. Between the killer heat, lots of stress, and just being restless there haven't been many nights with a sound slumber.

The good news is: WE ARE FINALLY LEAVING FOR KOREA!!! The bad news is: beside having not slept well the past few days my sleep patterns are gonna be tweaked by my work schedule for the next few days before I go. Perhaps this will all work out to for the best and allow me to adjust more quickly to the time in Korea (they are 16 hours ahead of where we are currently).

In other sad news: Because I'm not a reading whiz like my beloved husband I likely will not finish the book series I am in the middle of right now before we go. This has been the source of much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth (not really, I just kind of like the word gnash. Part reminds me of gnosh, which is a word that appears in the series I am reading right now and it made me sad again to think of that).

In OTHER news...there really isn't any other news. I'm pretty much spent on news. Aside from the potentially embarrassing rupture of my pants the other day whilst visiting in-laws in Kanab--yeah, the only good pair of jeans I had up and DIED less than a week before we're leaving--but it resulted in me getting three new pairs of jeans (yes, THREE!) because Old Navy was having a buy two get one free deal. So in all, it was not that terrible. Although, I will miss those jeans.

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