Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthweek: Day One

Happy birthday to me! Ok, so it's not the day just yet, but the week is here. Thus, the celebrating commences!

This year I decided to change up the order of things. I want to start by doing something local first. I think trying to make a difference in the community where you live is crucial. One, because we ought to help those around us to improve the culture of community where we live. Two, because reaching out on a local level helps you see the difference you are making.

First on my list of organizations I can stand behind is the Iron County Care and Share.

The facility provides a variety of services, including sack lunches, temporary housing, rent assistance, clothing and gas vouchers, etc. You can read about their list of services here. If you would like to be of assistance, but aren't able to provide a monetary donation, you can also visit this link to see how you can become involved as a volunteer. Of course, you can also donate. Aside from financial contributions, the Iron County Care and Share also participates in a "Grocery Rescue" program with local grocers. They also accept food donations from individuals. Information for all types of donations can be found on the donation page.

Like I said at the beginning, I want this support to be local. If you aren't from Cedar City/Iron County, I urge you to find the nearest food bank/emergency shelter in your area and see what you can do to reach out and give a hand up to those members of your community who may not be able to help themselves.


I want to hear about it! The point of celebrating birthweek is to spread good by being alive. I want to know what differences you are making this week, so leave a comment and let me know how you choose to help me celebrate this wonderful adventure we call life.

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