Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Trap is Set!

Ok, so it's not a trap really, but our plans for Cincinnati are firming up and I'm totally stoked! Rata sent out a letter to the Ashland Ward for a picnic, I made tentative plans to have lunch with President and Sister Robbins on Saturday, and we're going to the Smiths' for a cook out that night. Which, basically fills up all our "free" time other than Sunday night in Lawrenceburg, and the time we'll be spending in Akron/Kirtland.

My biggest concern is navigating. I know the areas where I spent time really well, but that's about it. Charles suggested I buy the Rand-McNally Truck Atlas. We will see if I can find one for a decent price and one that we'll actually have in time for the trip! Other than that my only other wish is that Paul could be there to meet all these amazing people, and that all these people could meet him. Oh well, we'll just have to plan another later trip.

Speaking of Paul, I'm also getting excited to see him. I'll be flying out the weekend I get back from Cinci to see him and the boys again, as well as meeting his parents. We're also hoping to make a foray up to Tahoe...we shall see. I'd really like to just because the last photo ever taken of my mom's dad was at Tahoe two weeks before he died. I've never been, and I think it would be cool to go.

Until then it's work, work, work! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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