Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aging with Grace

Today I witnessed something I will not soon forget while shopping at Walmart with Jamie. We were near, what I believe is termed, the "personal care" section when we encountered two women.

These women appeared to be rather advanced in age, and were utilising the wonderful electric carts provided to those customers who need assistance. These dear ladies also appeared to require the assistance of dentures, though neither was making good on that option this afternoon.

One muu-muu clad cart driver was still in an aisle, while the other had moved into the mainstream, but was stopped. The woman parked in the aisle was repeating the word, "Tampons! Tampons" very loudly. However, because of her lack of teeth she was unable to correctly articulate the word. Therefore, it came across as more of a loudly uttered, "Pampons! Pampons!" Perhaps the crossover between diapers and tampons? Her counterpart finally acknowledged her cross-aisle yodel and responded, "I don' wan'o wase my money on those righ' now."

With a 42 pack of Poise already in her own cart, the concerned friend nodded, and the pair wheeled on.

Completely unrelated post script: I passed by the new site for "Sweet Basil" again today. What is Sweet Basil you might ask? Cedar City's very own THAI Restaurant! Who's excited? I'M EXCITED! Oh yes I am!!!

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