Monday, August 13, 2012

Interview Bloopers

Prompt: Share about something amusing or unusual that happened during a job interview.

Note: This sounds kind of braggardly (even to me). I don't intend it that way...but yeah. I'm aware.

I've been mentally scanning through the job interviews I've had. Few really stick out in my mind, mostly because I spent months training how to interview when I was a candidate for Sterling Scholar in High School, and it's something I enjoy. Sure, some people may say, "That was 10 years ago." Well, I have an uncanny ability to remember highly detailed information.

I know most people hate hunting for jobs. Random Chelsea Quirk: Sometimes I want to apply for different jobs just so I can interview because I love the intensity and pressure of having to be well-spoken, yet humble; brilliant, but teachable; observant, but understated. It speaks to the very nature of my competitive soul.

During a lull in my otherwise stellar resume (which may or may not include such specialties as "Pest Control Technician" "Grant Record Keeping and Reporting Specialist" "Babysitter" "Inventory Specialist"...ahem, that's enough of that) I took the dreaded hit that many people take when you need steady income and nobody else is hiring.

Have you already guessed? Yup, telemarketing.

Convergy's to be specific. But I digress. This is supposed to be about the interview.

After an initial screening and a simple typing and computer efficiency test I had an interview scheduled with the HR Manager. His name was Jeremy. I believe there were four required questions. You know, the basics of "What's your greatest weakness?" "How do you work with other people" and that other nonsense--where they want you to "answer honestly" but are really trying to see how well you sell yourself because everyone knows you're supposed to make your weaknesses look like strengths, show how resourceful you are, and that you absolutely a people person. Go team!

At any rate, in the middle of the interview he put down the paper and said, "I just want to stop you right now. I have to ask all these questions because I'm required to, but I want you to know that that the job is yours right now. You interview better than anyone I've ever met. If you ever need a reference in the future have them give me a call, here's my card." At which point he handed me his business card, and asked the concluding two questions.

To be honest, there has only ever been one job I've applied for and not been offered the position. I told my husband when we were dating, "Just so you know, I'm used to getting what I want." This applies in many cases.


  1. I am terrible at interviews. You are lucky you have that talent. Maybe you can coach me?

    1. One time I accidentally said a swear word. I dropped my purse on the ground and all my stuff fell out. As I was attempting to pick it up, OH $h!T came out of my mouth. I didn't get that job. LOL