Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mischevious Fun

Prompt: Share about doing something mischievous but harmless just for fun.

Any woman/girl who has been to Girls' Camp has a story about this. Now to come up with the best prank...

The campground where I spent all my summers was Evelyn Webster's Flat, also known as Miner's Peak. When I started attending camp there the majority of the tent sites were raised, wooden platforms that giant tarps would be stretched across, and we had portable toilets that would be stirred with a stick to keep things "processing." We called them Riley Johns or Blue Rockets. There were a few scattered near the further campsites, but near the main meeting area/pavilion there was always a row of 5 or 6 together.

We had our own penchant for stirring up trouble. Coloring on people's faces with permanent marker, putting dead fish in people's beds, setting people's cots to collapse, taking liberties with "decorating." One summer our focus was on the Blue Rockets. We had a length of rope and 5 or 6 of us. After night set in we went prowling for unsuspecting victims.

The plan was to tie the door shut and shake things up a little, then let them loose and run off for the next adventure. After a little luck with the lower camps (granting immunity to our own, of course), we risked going to The Row. Directly behind them was a drop-off into the trees. We took up hiding there and waited for campers to arrive. It wasn't hard to tell which toilet they entered as their flashlights illuminated the white top like a nice little target. We had to focus on the end stalls because we couldn't get the rope around the middle set. Then, after fruitless waiting, we resorted to more primitive means to attack the central sets. A stick would hold the door shut quite easily.

Soon enough we heard footsteps in the dark, a dome lit up, and it was time for action. We flanked the Blue Rocket and started pushing it into a rocking motion, careful not to tip too far so that it rolled down the hill. Shouting in triumph and glee we sent the fastest person to remove the stick and we fled back into the trees to celebrate our brilliance.

Later, the man who was our Priesthood representative approached us and knowingly said, "Thanks for the ride, ladies."

As it turns out, we weren't the sneaky masterminds we thought we were.

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  1. Not two sentences in I knew what you were going to write about. Thanks for taking me back. What great memories. I've enjoyed reading these posts very much