Friday, November 16, 2012

Birthweek Day 5: Let the Change Continue

Today is my birthday! Don't worry, we'll still have two more days of giving thanks by paying it forward, but today my choice is close to my heart.

Two weeks ago we said goodbye to our little Ojo. After suffering a severe traumatic head injury and subsequent seizures life was too difficult. Instead of focus on the pain, I want to reflect on the good.

We adopted Ojo during our time in South Korea. He was rescued after being abandoned in Seoul. Several people combined to provide a loving atmosphere for him, to help him heal and regain confidence in himself and humans. Though our time with Ojo was short, we are eternally appreciative of those who helped him, and people like them throughout the world.

In my hometown Cedar City, like-minded people are working to build a dog park. And so much more. According to their "About" page, "Our group would like a centralized location to conduct educational classes to enhance human-animal bonding, animal assisted therapy, animal adoptions, demonstrations, seminars and other activities to protect and enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of the local community." They seek to provide county-wide services, but have been unable to find a suitable location thus far. They have been approved as a non-profit organization and state, "The organization is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes." For more information you can visit their website here.

If you are willing to, you can donate money. But if you want to effect additional change, you can also write letters to the city council members and mayor of Cedar City to voice your support and ask for theirs. The website has all the information for contacting these civic leaders (click here and scroll almost all the way to the bottom).

Or, if you would prefer, find your local animal adoption/education organization and donate/support them in their efforts. The vast majority of these groups are non-profit organizations that require contributions to survive, and provide services to their communities.

Be a part of the change for the better.

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