Monday, November 12, 2012

It's My Birthday: Let's Celebrate by Paying it Forward!

Whenever people ask me what my favorite holiday is, I tell them my birthday. 

Yes, I know it's rather narcissistic. 

The biggest part of what I love about my birthday is the timing. It's right in the midst of the holiday season, just after Halloween, and before things get into the full-swing with Thanksgiving and Christmas. People are kinder, the weather is cooler, and there's pumpkin (one of my most favorite things!) in just about everything.

This year for my birthday I was inspired by my dear friend Bethany. She always does unique and interesting things for her whole "birth week." And they are things that take the focus off of her, and put them onto others. So this year, I've decided to choose seven charities/organizations, one for each day of my birth week, to donate to. I invite you to join me.

In a world where initiatives for change are focused on just about every point of the globe, I wanted to choose organizations that I personally support and believe in; organizations that promote ideas I try to stand for and can get behind. The majority of these are not global enterprises, but groups that focus on more localized change.

For the first day I've chosen one of my first loves. 


Books opened the door beyond my rural Utah home to the world; they helped me see more, live more, and believe more. When I hear of children growing up without books (like one of my husband's favorite artists Skottie Young) it breaks my heart. I think every child should have books. Sometimes they might be their only friends.

The organization, First Book, does just that. It gives books, new books, to children who don't have them. 97% of donated funds go directly to buying books ($10 can buy 4 new books). Thus far, 90 million books have been distributed.You can read more about their impact here.They even have a marketplace which provides qualified groups new books at prices 50-90% below retail.

You can also make memorial or honor donations. There is a minimum donation of $5 (in part to offset credit card processing fees). All donations are tax-deductible.

Visit First Book today and make a donation.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Make sure to check in each day this week to see what other organizations and charities I like to support!

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  1. Your Amazing Missy.. Oh hOw I miss you. . love you my dear. .